Date Activity
7/31/22 Publication of Fantastic Detectives
5/30/22 Publication of The Forever Inn
1/31/21 Publication of Fantastic Defenders (Hardcover)
2020-2021 All conventions and event appearances on hold due to pandemic.

Upcoming Anthologies

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Anthology Call for Stories Deadline Publication
The Forever Inn 10/1/19 8/30/21 5/30/22
Fantastic Detectives 8/13/21 12/31/21 7/31/22
Future Crimes 7/20/22 1/31/23 5/20/23

Past Anthologies

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Anthology Call for Stories Deadline Publication
Fantastic Defenders 9/15/16 12/31/16 5/19/17
Fantastic Defenders (HC) 1/31/21