These anthologies have been produced by Worlds Enough and then released through Tannhauser Press, our publishing partner.

Fantastic Detectives Fantastic Detectives: From worlds like our own, except for a touch of magic or the supernatural, to completely unique fantasy realms, there will always be those who use their powers for murder and mayhem. Come meet the stubborn detectives who simply won’t let those crimes go unsolved.

Publication: Mar 2023 — 440 pages

Contributors: Reed Bonadonna, Gregg Chamberlain, Robert Finegold, David Keener, Emma Melville, Jeff Patterson, Maria Prokopyeva, Daniel Robichaud, Donna Royston, Shannon Taft, David Tatum, Martin Wilsey and Austin Worley


Fantastic Defenders (Cover) Fantastic Defenders: An anthology of four novelettes and a novella about heroes defending against fantastical threats. Featuring stories from Jeff Patterson, Martin Wilsey, David Tatum, and more.

Publication: May 2017 — 350 pages

Contributors: David Keener, Jeff Patterson, Donna Royston, David Tatum and Martin Wilsey