Welcome to Worlds Enough. If you’ve come here, you’re probably wondering what the heck this site is. After all, it looks kind of like a website for a small press.

Tannhauser Press We’re not a small press. We’re a Packager which, although similar in some aspects, is a whole different thing. Small presses, well, they publish things. We create packages, i.e. — products. These packages are generally anthologies that are polished and ready to be published. We work with a small press for distribution. Currently, we’re fortunate to have a distribution agreement with Tannhauser Press.

There are certain advantages to the way that we do things. Our distribution agreements allow us to take our products elsewhere after either a designated time period or non-performance on the part of the publisher we’re teamed with. That means that, one way or another, the anthology stays available and continues to be profitable for everybody involved. More than one anthology series has been discontinued due to publisher issues; that won’t happen to us.

In the indie publishing world, the long tail is ultimately where books make money. Our goal is to produce quality anthologies that make money…and continue making money over a long period of time. And if the anthology is still making money, so are the contributors. Further, the anthology continues to act as a calling card and advertisement for each author.

Worlds Enough is the brainchild of David Keener, a writer and editor from the Washington DC metropolitan area. It is also the name of our flagship Worlds Enough anthology series, currently comprised of Fantastic Defenders and Fantastic Detectives.