Call for Submissions

The Call for Submissions for Fantastic Detectives, our next paid fantasy anthology, just dropped today. It’s a sequel to Fantastic Defenders, and curated by the same editing team, Donna Royston and David Keener. The due date for submissions is the end of the year, with expected publication in May, 2022.

Check out the PDF for more details.

10 thoughts on “Call for Submissions

  1. Hello there,

    I have a submission for the Fantastic detectives, but the two chapters I would submit are parts of a larger novel. The ending and capture of the murder is not part of the chapters I would be submitting. Is this something that would qualify for this particular project? The story is very unique and fantasy based.

    1. A story needs to have a coherent beginning. middle and end in order to be selected for publication in the anthology. It is possible to extract an excerpt from a novel as a short story or novelette…I’ve seen it done by other authors. It can be challenging, though, so best of luck with it.

    1. No. We have published reprints before, but 1) only from authors I knew personally, and 2) stories that had been published elsewhere but with little to no circulation or visibility. After all, at the end of the day, the goal is to sell as many copies of the anthology as we can.

  2. I am ready to submit a story for your Fantastic Detectives anthology. Are there any special formatting requirements for the file name? For example, should the file contain the title and my name, or just the title? Thanks for your help.

    1. We’re pretty flexible in general, but you should follow the general guidance for submissions. Remember, this is an anthology, not a contest. All of your contact information should be in your submission file.

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