Author List for “Fantastic Detectives”

The final selection has been made and the following authors will be appearing in the anthology, “Fantastic Detectives”:

  • Reed Bonadonna – “Perchance to Dream”
  • Gregg Chamberlain – “This Sword for Hire”
  • Robert Finegold – “A Madness Most Discreet”
  • David Keener – “Jonelle Crosse”
  • Emma Melville – “Penance”
  • Jeff Patterson – “Sister Autumn and the Angel’s Blade”
  • Maria Prokopyeva – “Worshippers of Baser Stuff”
  • Daniel Robichaud – “Out Among the Pecan Trees”
  • Donna Royston – “The First Censor’s Statement”
  • Shannon Taft – “The Codicil”
  • David Tatum – “Tumbling the Lord”
  • Martin Wilsey – “Justice in the Mist”
  • Austin Worley – “The Skull in the Tree”

There you have it…a solid baker’s dozen of awesome fantasy detective stories! We’re anticipating a March 2023 publication date.

Worlds Enough: Back Cover Blurb

The stories are all in for Volume 1 of the Worlds Enough anthology series, with Fantastic Defenders clocking in at a highly respectable 88K words. Now that the stories are off to the copyeditor for final revisions, we thought it would be interesting to share the back cover blurb for the volume:


Across astounding and magical worlds, five heroes step forward to defend against fantastic threats:

  • A sorceress in a besieged city faces a malignant force even more dangerous than the city’s would-be conquerors.
  • An unassuming bureaucrat stumbles upon a threat to a vast empire and deals with it in his own inimitable fashion.
  • A resourceful bodyguard for an infant princess, trapped and surrounded by merciless assassins, finds a unique way to hold them at bay.
  • A mage press-ganged into the Royal Navy finds himself volunteered for a dangerous, secret mission on foreign soil.
  • A disgraced royal guardian who failed in protecting his king hunts down those who cost him his honor.

These are…the Fantastic Defenders!

Notable Release: Reliquary

Reliquary A new anthology called Reliquary was just published on January 6th by our publishing partner, Tannhauser Press. The anthology features twelve stories by new writers on the theme of relics.

We’re proud to announce that four of the writers for our upcoming anthology, Fantastic Defenders, are represented in that volume. Those writers are David Keener, Jeff Patterson, Donna Royston, and Martin Wilsey.

David Keener, an IT specialist in his day job, has also been pressed into service to assist Tannhauser Press with ebook production. Due to some logistical issues, the Kindle edition of the anthology will be available on Amazon in about two weeks.

Call for Stories: Fantastic Defenders

Worlds Enough: Fantastic DefendersWe’re producing an anthology called Fantastic Defenders. It’s targeted for five novelettes/novellas in the range of 10K to 20K words. It’s a semi-curated anthology, which basically means, at least in this case, that four of the slots have been filled by hand-picking authors we’re familiar with and who have a track record of doing excellent stories at this length.

That leaves us with a fifth slot that we still need to fill. Accordingly, we’re opening the slot up for competition, with a deadline of December 31, 2016.

Basic description is:

Looking for novelettes or short novellas in a fantasy setting featuring heroes defending against the forces of evil. Examples range from a royal bodyguard defending an infant princess against a well-organized assassination attempt to an aging bureaucrat defending an empire using only his wits. No elfie-welfie fiction.

Other information can be obtained via email inquiry (to dkeener _at_ if you’re interested in competing for the slot.

NOTE: This Call for Stories is closed. The anthology was published on May 19, 2017 and is now available on Amazon.